Future of FLOSSE: Interview with Teemu Leinonen

"We are theory-based design-oriented group. Open Source software is just like study reports – we are releasing the software for commenting, referencing, peer review and so on. We just continue the academic tradition" Listen (MP3) – 28min – 12,6Mb This time we offer an interview with Teemu Leinonen, who is also one of our bloggers. […]

Future of FLOSSE: Interview with Alan Levine

"The sweet spot of technology is not in the way it does things more efficiently but where it gives you opportunities that weren’t there before" Listen (MP3) – 40min – 18,9Mb I had the pleasure to interview Alan Levine through Skype for our interview series of future of FLOSS in education. I have created a […]

Pre-reading for conference attendees

Comenius 2.1 Contact Seminar attendees: if you are able, please become familiar with the following material before the conference. Understanding some of the background and context we are working with is necessary for a better experience during the conference. FLOSS and Open Content Lessig, L. 2002. Free Culture (Presentation+Audio) O’Reilly, T. 2004. Open Source Paradigm […]


Hello, my name is Teemu Arina, partner and CTO of a privately held company called Ionstream Ltd. / Dicole. I’ve been working with Open Source software in education since 1998. I have created several Open Source projects, notably a groupware and learning environment called MimerDesk and just recently a social software called Dicole, which is […]