Comenius 2.1 contact seminar

Pre-reading for conference attendees

Comenius 2.1 Contact Seminar attendees: if you are able, please become familiar with the following material before the conference. Understanding some of the background and context we are working with is necessary for a better experience during the conference.

It is evident that social software (like wikis, weblogs, social networking tools etc) are going to affect the way software is used in education as well. Many of these tools are Open Source. The largest encyclopedia in the world, Wikipedia is a by-product of commons-based peer-production and released under an Open Content license.

Understanding the changes that are happening in the way people organize and connect together online through software tools is in part important for understanding the role of FLOSS and Open Content in a sharing economy.

One reply on “Pre-reading for conference attendees”

Hello,I haven't had chance to explore your entire website,
but with just a cursory view it is somthing that's been
needed in education for a long time. I been promoting
Open Source in education for years. And the one thing
I found that works is to get to know the decision makers
in education. Buiding a relationship with education is
most effective.Sincerely,
David Bumgardner


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