FLOSS edu software for mobile devices

Last week I took part in the Doors of Perception conference in Delhi, India. There were quite a lot of (informal) talk about using mobile devices in education in the developing world. In India there is a strong believe that the information society in India will be based on mobile devices and networks, rather than […]

Does major development of FLOSSE start from Brazil?

NYT features an article titled Brazil: Free Software’s Biggest and Best Friend. I think it’s no surprise that the strongest development of FLOSS in education is about to come from Brazil or any other less developed country. Educational sector all around the world is struggling for resources.  There are major budget cuts even here in […]

FLOSSE – Digital future report

USC Annenberg School, Center for the digital future published their report about the future of Internet at the end of last year, September. The theme is “Ten years, ten trends”. The report highlights the Major Findings in Year Four of the Digital Future Project’s Study of the Impact of the Internet on Americans. The report […]

FLOSSE Posse is more than us four, right?

I just noticed the new picture in the upper right corner of this site. I didn’t like the original picture of the girl working with an old PC, but can’t say that this would be much better. Well, ok – it is. I am not sure if this is the will of the rest of […]

Results of future of FLOSSE

Phew. We are back from the joint conference of "Towards Open eEurope – Challenges for Teacher Education" and ESPs "Learning goes mobile". Our workshop had 12 participants from all around Europe: Belgium, Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia, Finland, Germany, Poland, Portugal and Spain. The total amount of educational professionals in both conferences was around 200. Half […]

Future of FLOSSE: Interview with Knut Yrvin

"If you buy a bottle of water you shouldn’t have a law that prevents you to pour the water into a glass. You have to protect people from the technology. With DRM and patents, suddenly you are protecting the technology against people. If you have a car you need devices like airbags or safety belts […]

Future of FLOSSE: Interview with George Siemens

"We often have a myopic view when we talk about technology. We always seem to think about how does technology influence learning. Sometimes these roles actually have to be reversed. We have to think about how learning influeces technology because there are greater changes occuring in our society and not just within technology" Listen (MP3) […]

Future of FLOSSE: Interview with Antti Kauppi

"Decreasing the Digital Divide is the Question to be solved. How to integrate the ICT and internet services to be accessed for everybody, how the communities and citizens can participate in decision making using internet, by all meaning how to get the technology and its services closer to the citizens. The remarkable progress can may […]