Learning objects – Is the King naked?

Do you remember the H C Andersen’s story about the Emperor’s New Suit? The point of the story is that, if we strongly believe on something, and same time all those who are doubtful or non-believes are claimed to be “unfit for their office or unpardonably stupid”, the believe becomes real. To see the truth […]

Report: State of FLOSS and Future Opportunities

Last month I finished the first draft of a report based on the work I did previously on the Comenius Contact Seminar project. I thought there was still some valuable issues to look for in the interviews we did so here is a paper looking at them once again. As an exercise for myself, I […]

Subjects, objects and outcomes of (e-)learning activity system

In his post “Thoughts on this and that” Graham Attwell quoted Jyri Engeström’s post about “ Why some social network services work and others don’t — Or: the case for object-centered sociality”: “the term ‘social networking’ makes little sense if we leave out the objects that mediate the ties between people……social networks consist of people […]