Sharing economy

Infrastructure of sharing in the commons

What strikes me the most these days is that everyone is talking about sharing in the commons. There is an increased amount of contributions in the commons without any financial interests. People have discovered, that the value of information and knowledge increases when shared. This is the world I’ve been living in during the eight […]

Social Software

(Critical) history of ICT in education – and where we are heading?

The use of computers in education is much more a series of failures than success stories. I agree with Erik Duval that in general, in a large scale the impact of technology on the way people learn have been minimal. In open distant learning and military training (simulations) there are examples of success, but these […]

Open Source

Spread of CC: spread of Open Source?

Lawrence Lessig has a map of the spread of Creative Commons based on projects launched. If I compare the map of the map of Open Source adoption density in my head, it looks pretty similar. I wonder if it’s a trend that those countries which have been quick to adopt Open Source, also adopt the […]