Open Source

Designing learning technology

A few days ago a wise friend and an ex colleague of mine handed me an article on activity-centered design by Donald Norman. It is something everyone who ever have designed (or is planning to) anything, from a door handle to online learning platform, should read it through. Norman writes: “The historical record contains numerous […]


High standards means less low-level standards

Already some time ago Washington post wrote about the Finnish educational system and Finland in general. It’s a worth of reading for those interested in different “system design” of education and learning [Footnote 1]. The article explains how the whole Finnish educational system – from pre-school to universities – is public and accessible for all. […]

Sharing economy

We need a Freedom Press!

Free operating system, free software and free content are all great for us who have direct access to computer technology. However a huge majority – actually several billion people – of the world do not. If we want that “every single person is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge” (Wikipedia Mission […]