Wikiversity – time to vote

The Wikimedia community (e.g. Wikipedia, Mediawiki software and many more) is voting on Wikiversity idea. Wikiversity is a project “to build an electronic institution of learning that is relying on the wiki model”. The voting is made for making a decision on if the community should launch the project or not. I have rather contradictory […]

State of finnish eLearning

I attended as an assisting organizer a conference entitled “eLearning & Corporate Competence” at Kalastajatorppa, a Hilton hotel in Helsinki. Attendees included high-profile people from the sector of eLearning in Finland, both providers and customers. I was asked by Juha-Matti Arola from KONE corporation to work on the interactivity part of the conference, especially the […]

Distance teaching and learning is difficult

I am not a great fan of “distance learning”. I have found out that it is very difficult – if not impossible – to build real group cohesion in a distance learning program. Now I am doing my best as a coordinator and a teacher in two different distance learning programs. Here are some notes […]

Teachers’ online communities

Stephen Downes wrote a pretty hard critics on the European SchoolNet’s SchoolPlaza – “the unique collaborative environment where teachers sharing similar interests or teaching the same subject can meet, communicate and work together”. Stephen wrote: “the Flash interface is just awful; it took a long time to load (the photos never did finish loading) and […]