The $100 Laptop: Manna-vaporware

Update: Esta entrada está en Español en el blog de Caro Botero. Gracias! I find the MIT’s $100 Laptop project disturbing. For me there are too many open questions. I also found out that I am not only with my thoughts. Several other people are also rather critical with Mr Negroponte’s latest brainchild. Already last […]

No e-Learning Patents! No Software Patents!

Last week at the Open Source for Education in Europe an ad-hoc group called "No e-Learning Patents!" was formed to start campaigning against any possible new European-wide software patent directive that would cover the patentability of software including also the area of e-learning and computer & network supported learning applications. The group "No e-Learning Patents!" […]

Baking cakes with the Pope of e-learning

In Europe we have our own richness of different cultures, different monopolies and many forms of corruption. We also have the rather powerful pan European government – the European Commission – that is both regulating and supporting citizens and their businesses. To make your business successful around the continent you better do some lobbying in […]

Anticipating Round 2: European Software Patents – a potential hindrance of ICT in education

A call for action on a common preemptive statement against possible European-wide software patents Europe is going to witness its first ever European wide conference on Open Source for Education. Very exiting, a lot of delegates have signed up, and prepared papers and presentations on local actions and programmes. ( The conference has allocated some […]

ImaNote 0.5 released

Some months ago I wrote about Made – tool – a software under development in my team. Today we released the tool (v 0.5), but with a new name: ImaNote. It is not primary a “learning tool” but it is a “social software” and there are many ways to use it in learning, too. I […]