Open/free/libre pedagogy and the right to play (leikkiä)

Ulla-Maaria Mutanen wrote a piece about design as play. The article is published in English in the Finnish Design Yearbook 2006. There are seven themes in the book: imagine, ease, flow, respect, play, dare and share. The terms would make a nice tag cloud. Ulla-Maaria’s article is about “play”. In Finnish language there are two […]

IP in an Open Source Society; who is paying who?

Kebede Mergia from the University of Art and Design Helsinki asks me the question, who is paying who in the Open Source society? Unfortunately it’s impossible for me to answer this open question in the length it deserves, but I can point to a few resources on which I build my own understanding of the […]

OLPC – Please, some cultural respect!

In an earlier post I was claiming that the designers of the MIT’s 100$ laptop do not understand the context in and for what they are designing their tool. They seem to ignore all cultural and social factors and considerations. Now the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) website is available in fourteen languages. Among those […]