Demonstration of Learning Object Templates

In the Calibrate project, where we are developing LeMill – a system for collaborative authoring of open learning resources – we wrote a paper presenting our design of three online learning object templates. The Demonstration of LO template prototypes -document is in our LeMill development sever. We would love to hear your comments and suggestions. […]

Strong and weak links in a social network

After being many years very connected with information and communication (ICT) network, I still sometime get surprised by the speed of the network. And now I am not talking about the “bandwidth” only, but the combination of social networks and ICT. Here is an example: I follow Stephen Downes’ OLDaily. This week I noticed that […]

Power laws of innovation in education

John Thackara presents the power laws of innovation. I will hang out the “Thackara’s laws” to the wall of my research group’s working space. I am sure the world would be much better place if the people working with “educational systems”, “learning/teaching/educational technologies”, “computer supported collaborative learning” and “knowledge management” – for an example – […]

New Kind of Conferences

There is a growing trend to organize events that are breaking the established and rather rigid form of conferences. People are tired, both to listen and to give presentations with slides in a dark conference room(s). Also, only very few of us are really good speakers with charisma and interesting things to show. I guess […]

Digital Literacy Campaigns in Europe

I am not into conference blogging. I am just not fast enough thinker and writer to make much sense with small notes from conference presentations and discussions. I am now in the EU ELearning conference and trying to contribute something, as here is a conference blog aggregator and I think it is a great idea. […]

Give us connectivity – and the rest will follow

In the mid 1990’s the issue of connecting schools to Internet was the hot topic. Now almost all schools in Europe are connected. What happened? Not much. The problem is that the schools are connected but teachers or pupils are not. When providing ICT solutions for education we should again focus on connectivity. This time, […]