Essentia Libre

Are you interested in free/open source software and open content? Are you interested in to practice your Spanish? I am. Essential Libre is a Colombian magazine about open technologies and open content. The issue #5 is now available. Essential Libre is made by volunteers and distributed for free both as PDF and on print. I […]

I need help: any Ajax programmers around?

I have this one small open source project that has been “frozen” already for two years. To finalize it I would need some help from an Ajax/javaScrip/XML/PHP programmer. If you know these technologies (or are interested in to study them) please contact me. The project is called “Bisociation Tool”. It’s a simple web based tool […]

Wlan device for school children

If my daughter would go to school next autumn I would purchase her some pencils, pens, eraser, ruler, pencil box and a Wlan internet tablet with touch screen. Schools, public transportation (busses, metros, local trains), our home and offices at work are all covered with Wlan network. With Wlan we could be in touch with […]

Ozmozr – Power for Educators and Academics

Have you seen the Ozmozr? It’s a bit difficult to explain what Ozmozr is, but we may call it social-knowledge-management or social-informal-learning site. It’s a meta social networking, meta aggregator and meta link sharing site. It is still alpha version and the user interface is very uneasy and noisy. But the idea is very good. […]

We need local, libre and mobile “Internet”

It’s been another month in Colombia. I think I have again learned some important new things in here. Many of these are related to Free/libre and open source software and technology in learning. Like every vacation in here, this time as well, we spent several days in countryside and in small village called Tobia. In […]