No one ever got fired for buying LMS

I finally read the Wisdom of Crowds – Why the Many Are Smarter Than the Few by James Surowicki. I picked up from the book the saying “no one ever got fired for buying IBM”. For some reason I have ran into this sentence in several texts lately. Surowicki is using the saying when writing […]

Can Social help in finding resources?

In the field of e-learning we often talk about Communities of Practice (CoP) and networks of users, but do we really leverage on them in practical terms? There are plenty a resource available on the Web, both in terms of digital learning content and human resources (e.g. other learners, experts, tutors) that can be used […]

Mobiles, micro content and personal learning environment

In June I am going to the Microlearning conference in Innsbruck. I promised to give a talk with the title “Emerging Microcontent Environments”. First I thought to talk mainly about the MobilED project, but after rethinking the theme of the conference I decided to talk about the following things, too, at least, maybe … For […]