LeMill and Eduspaces/eLGG – Groups and Networks

We were today looking for some statistics of the members and learning resource in the LeMill.net. It looks that LeMill is growing smoothly. I think we are still far from a “critical mass” that will make LeMill “self-sustainable”. Still, the future looks promising. | View | Upload your own In LeMill.net we now have 1022 […]

Do not localize – make your own

In last days I have been thinking several things that at first looked very unconnected. Now I realized that they are all connected. Here we go. Localized digital content is NOT core educational infrastructure. “Wiki” is core educational infrastructure. I didn’t go to the Open Education 2007 conference. However, they nicely distribute audio and slides […]

LeMill 2.0 released

We are proud to announce the release of LeMill 2.0. In this case 2.0 means the actual version number, though it is rather “web 2.0”, too. 🙂 Have a look of an earlier post to get and idea of the latest development with LeMill. You may also try it out yourself in the LeMill.net service […]

Papanek’s Online Paper Computer beta

Victor Papanek (1927-1999) is my hero. We made an online tool for an idea generation method, which Papanek calls “paper computer”. Paper computers are described in Papanek’s famous book Design for the Real World: Human Ecology and Social Change (Originally published in1969). Shortly, the Papanek’s paper computer is an association (actually bi-association) method, a tool […]