Networked learning in a networked world

Last year I took part in The Future of Learning In A Networked World (FLNW 2006) conference. It was really outstanding event. Since then I have been in touch with almost all the participants. This is not common with conferences. In most of the cases you go there, talk your talk, have dinner with some […]

Hidden curriculum of teacher training in LeMill

Last week in Brussels, while giving a talk about free/libre/open source educational resources and LeMill, I realised that the role these initiative play in a teacher training have not been discussed that much. So, I’ll try to do it here now. LeMill is a teacher community. Jukka, one of the LeMill developers, just said some […]

EMINENT conference blog

I am not able to do conference blogging. I am a slow thinker and a slow writer. However, I highly appreciate when people are documenting and making public notes from conferences in their blogs. Flosse Posse Fellow, Riina is reporting the EMINENT – European Schoolnet annual networking conference almost in real time in the conference’s […]

CC-By-SA is THE license of the free/libre/open educational resources

Creative Commons, Free Software Foundation and Wikimedia Foundation are working on to make the FSF’s GFDL and CC’s CC-By-SA compatible. This will mean that in future all the Wikimedia content (Wikipedia, Wikibooks, Wikimedia Commons, etc.), that are licensed under GFLD can be remixed with content using CC-By-SA. The Wikimedia Foundation’s Board made a resolution about […]