Patents and e-learning do not make a good match – what’s “Blackboard Inc. vs. Desire2Learn” gotta do with the EU?

A few years back FLOSSE POSSE featured quite a few postings related to the issue of software patents and e-learning ( Lately, the issue has been somewhat dormant, especially here in the EU. Last week, though, the news broke out that a US jury delivered its verdict on the case of Blackboard Inc. vs. Desire2Learn […]

This guy is smart

I just read from an European news paper that the Presidents of United States of America can be categorized to two classes: to the total morons and to the wannabe womanizers. This one guy who is actually all in all very difficult to categorize, is very hard to put to the first class. The issue […]

LeMill population reached 2000 members

We all know that the European community is growing. What is probably some kind of news is the fact that also the European community of learning resources is steadily growing. The European community of learning resources is called LeMill. Like in many other areas of life in Europe the growth is not created by the […]