Wikimedia – media for all

A good media report is such that whatever opinion you hold about the topic, you’ll find the report supporting your point of view. I think the Dutch documentary “The Truth According To Wikipedia” does exactly this. In the video Ndesanjo Macha makes some excellent remarks being same time amused, cynical, despairing and hopeful. If you […]

Making things slower and better

In a couple of last months I have been visiting two times the Long Now Foundation in San Francisco. I know their projects very well from online, but visiting physical places made me think about them differently. Physical world is so immersive – you know. “The Long Now Foundation hopes to provide counterpoint to today’s […]

Stories, learning and ignorance

This is not a great story. This is a fragmented note I am making to this blog. The thesis of the post is: Learning is story telling. Avoid ignorance. Learning is story telling because we make sense of the world through stories. Teachers job has always been story telling. This should be in the core […]