Content or human – Equality of opportunity or intervention?

This is a note to remember to come back to the topic at some point. So, do not expect anything very elaborated. I’ll still start with a quotation from Foucault (Michel Foucault from Wikiquote): There are more ideas on earth than intellectuals imagine. And these ideas are more active, stronger, more resistant, more passionate than […]

Finnish National Curriculum on a Wiki

It was fall 2006 when I proposed for several people in the Finnish National Board of Education and in the Ministry of Education to put The National Core Curricula (equivalent to “national curriculum” in other countries), on a wiki, so that the citizens could discuss about it and edit it. I got very positive replies […]

Wikis: networks, groups and the third way

Last weekend I took part in the RecentChangesCamp – a three day open space conference for people interested in wikis and related topics. I met some new and old wiki-people, which some of them I may soon start to call my friends. I saw several interesting demos and had some quite nice discussions about wikis […]

Call for eLearning Papers: Open Educational Resources

The next issue of eLearning Papers, a series by the, focuses on Open Educational Resources (OER). The eLearning Papers looks for articles on OER and their use in education at all levels, taking into account the aspects of global development and Web 2.0. The contributions should focus on one or more of the following […]

OLPC, personal computer, web browser and connectivity

The latest news from the OLPC world are no news. So, the OLPC is now more or less officially and primary a laptop project – not an education project. Why I am not surprised? I think publicly traded technology companies suddenly making add-value for the children of the developing world instead of their shareholders would […]