UNICEF Solar Powered Digital School in a Box

Friends at the UNCIEF NYHQ, who have been developing also the MobilED audio wiki, just announced a prototype of solar powered communication hub than can be used to provide communications, education, connectivity and emergency support in places lacking electricity, Internet, telephone, radio and other connections. I think this is a great idea. The communication hub […]

Workshop to brainstorm an Amazon.com or a Flikr for learning purposes

Tagging, social bookmarking, Digging, Twittering and the seemingly never-ending list of social network sites offer a great resource of inspiration to dream about for people who work with education and technologies. We offer a workshop where you can do just that! SIRTEL’08 stands for Social Information Retrieval for Technology Enhanced Learning. This workshop will take […]

Wikiversity graduation party!

In March, April and May, I have bee facilitating with Hans Põldoja an experimental study project and course on a Wikiversity. The Composing free and open online educational resources course is now finished. It is time to celebrate! With Hans, we just checked our database of our notes and provided for the participants some “pass”, […]

PC is not a good educator

The SLATE Magazine reports the study, The Effect of Computer Use on Child Outcomes (study report, PDF), looking at the program of the Government of Romania where low-income families were given vouchers to purchase PCs. From some part, I agree with the interpretations presented in the study. My final conclusions would anyway be somehow different. […]