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Open content in education: less is more

My colleagues, Tarmo Toikkanen and Ville Oksanen just published a book in Finnish with the title Teachers’ Copyright Guide. (Opettajan tekijänoikeusopas). The guidebook, quite naturally focuses on digital content and its distribution. The book provides practical answers to such questions as: What copyrighted content you can use in education and how? What kind of rights […]


Future School Concepts and Design Research

I was just reading the InnoSchool project’s final report. “The goal of InnoSchool is to develop the Future School Concept: a set of research-based good practices, processes, models and designs, and recommendations for their successful combinations in the Future School.” It is a nice project with many interesting results. The report is worth of reading, […]


Wikipedia: Ten Years of Providing Open Educational Resources (Almost) for All

Wikipedia is ten years old. In a decade Wikipedia has become something we take for granted — a pool of free knowledge. Wikipedia is huge. It is a top-10 website in the world. It is in many languages and still growing. After ten years, Wikipedia is the most important Open Educational Resource (OER) in the […]