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Peer-to-peer learning in construction

For close to year now in my research group we have done research on using emerging forms of collaborative computing in workplace learning in construction work in Europe. In the research we have took a close look of wearable computing, invisible and ambient computing (calm), augmented reality, as well as novel interaction technologies. We are […]

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Anonymity and privacy in online learning

Related to the latest discussion on US-NSA’s PRISM program and Facebook’s privacy policies I have been thinking should there always be a possibility to stay anonymous in online learning. There are some research papers on the topic. For instance Blake (2000) argues that in an online course where students are not asked to give indications […]

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New home for the Flosse Posse and me + a story of online kindness

I have been writing a blog since 2005, thanks to Teemu Arina who pulled me to the world of blogs. Before the blogs I used to have a homepage that was updated maybe twice a year. Luckily the Internet Archives have copies (since 1995) of my ancient homes (since 1998) in the web. The first one is already gone […]