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Why free/libre/open source in learning is important?

I just realized that maybe I should explain the connection between the three points presented in my last post and the overall theme of this blog — Free, Libre and Open Source Software in Education. To improve learning in the era of Internet we should follow these rules:

(1.) Do not select one of the good ways of teaching and learning. Do all of them.
(2.) Do it all online.
(3.) Get rid of all the stupidity.

For me the connection to FLOSS is very obvious. Implementing the three points becomes possible only when people working in the field of education know about, and see the value of free culture. Without the ideas of freedom and sharing the strategy will fail.

In education this shouldn’t be hard, as people know the benefits gained when people are free to learn and to share their learning with others. When you help someone to learn something you do not loose your skills or knowledge, but rather add something to it.

The idea of sharing is interesting in a more general level. too. We ask our children to share things with their friends and family. Why should we stop this in their later education?

Also science and art per se are results of sharing and building on. Without getting to know other peoples research and art you can’t do your own research and art.

The first step in our attempt to build a better word is to ensure that people can enjoy and build upon each other work. This is why we eat together and tell stories to each other. This is why we have libraries, museums, festivals, science centers, schools and universities. This is also why we have Wikipedia, WordPress and Linux.

An educational system can never be really good without strong commitment to the same ideas that are behind the free/libre/open source and culture movement. Free education pays off.

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