My research interest is New Media, especially related to applications, solutions and services of e-learning, collaborative learning, collaborative group work and creative work.

You may find my academic profile from the Aalto People. You may have a look of my research outputs and activities in the Aalto University research database or publications in the Google Scholar.

I should have a portfolio with all the software, web etc. projects I have been working with in the last 20 years. Here are some links: Ympäristöverkko, Future Learning Environment, LeMill, UNESCO YDC Educator’s Kit, A,D&T Master Classes in the Arab States, Wikiversity, MobilED – mobile learning, TeamUp, Edukata . . .

I lead the Learning Environments research group (LeGroup) of the Media Lab Helsinki in the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Helsinki, Finland.

I supervise doctoral/PhD students: Eva Durall, Jana Pejoska, Jukka Purma, Jaana Brinck,  Juha Krongvist and Iida Hietala. Furthermore, I am advising or some other way involved in couple of other doctoral / PhD projects: Tarmo Toikkanen, Alexander Hayes and Anna Keune.

If you are interested in the topics of the Learning Environments research group and would like to join the group to do doctoral research, to be a postdoc or visiting researcher (doctoral candidate or postdoc) send me an email.  If your email comes with a short résumé / CV (1/2 A4) and an abstract of your thesis idea (1/2 A4), I promise, I’ll reply to you.