Comenius 2.1 contact seminar

FLOSSE – Digital future report

USC Annenberg School, Center for the digital future published their report about the future of Internet at the end of last year, September. The theme is “Ten years, ten trends”. The report highlights the Major Findings in Year Four of the Digital Future Project’s Study of the Impact of the Internet on Americans. The report scrutinizes the future in five subject areas and includes wide thematic topics where Center for the Digital Future identifies ten Major Trends Emerging in the Internet’s First Decade of Public Use.
The topics:

  • Internet users and non-users: Who is online? Who is not? What are users doing online?
  • Media use and trust
  • Consumer behaviour 
  • Communication patterns
  • Social effects

It’s interesting readings: not just the content but also the very different approach to the future. When Comenius 2.1 workshop used scenario building, this report is taking advantage of using surveys comprehensively and also divides the future building process into pieces of year-to-year data-processing. The amount of quantative results are of course impressive and interesting.
In comparison of these two future aspects (so com2.1 and digital future report) the most interesting detail I noticed is the common approach to affect the future decision-making… But, dependent by whom. ;). So, get familiar with the report and reflect the experiences what you’ve done in last days. I believe it’s worth of it.

The report can be found at:

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