FLOSSE Posse is more than us four, right?

I just noticed the new picture in the upper right corner of this site. I didn’t like the original picture of the girl working with an old PC, but can’t say that this would be much better. Well, ok – it is.

I am not sure if this is the will of the rest of the posse, but I would like to make out of this site the official site of the VOPE Ry – the Finnish Association of the Libre and Open Source in Education. There are similar kind of associations in other countries, too, like the Ofset in France.

To make the FLOSSE Posse site the web site of the association and to server its objectives it should contain some content in Finnish. Our aim is to promote and inform people about the benefits of using FLOSSE in education. Would it be possible to post things to the site in Finnish or would it be better to open another site for this purpose? What are our readers saying?

Anyway, if you all agree with me, the FLOSSE Posse blog could be, from now on, the site of the VOPE Ry. Could it be also so that the board of the association will give rights for people to become authors of the site.

We are also looking for a new president for the association and organizing the board meeting on the matter in a few coming weeks. Would it be possible to have the meeting online? With Skype?

2 replies on “FLOSSE Posse is more than us four, right?”

Well, sure. I started to enjoy being on the top but maybe it's also a little bit cheesy 😉 We are no popstars – or are we?I think posting things on the same site with finnish and mixing the content with english wouldn't look good. Using a finnish section would not work as well, we need to have the navigation etc. in finnish to not scare people away.I suggest we have another site for the finnish version and then link them together. I don't know how well this NucleusCMS handles localisation but I'm afraid we might have to do a copy of the code to setup a new site, although Nucleus supports multiple blogs.The finnish site should include mostly stuff regarding what is happening in Finland. Those who care may occasionally translate things from the english site to the finnish site.


We may play the pop stars as long as I can be John Lennon :-)I agree – let’s keep this site in English only. It’s maybe not a good idea to mix the languages in the posts. To have a site on which we may post about FLOSSE in education matters in Finnish is anyway very, very important – if you ask me. I do not agree that the posts to the Finnish site should be mainly about what is happening in Finland, but about FLOSSE and education issues in Finnish language. When finding, seeing or facing something important we just neeed todecide if it should be posted to the English, the Finnish or the both sites.Could you Inf set-up the FLOSSE Posse bara finska –site and make and link between the international and Finnish sites? The look and feel in both sites can be kept the same.


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