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Can Social help in finding resources?

In the field of e-learning we often talk about Communities of Practice (CoP) and networks of users, but do we really leverage on them in practical terms? There are plenty a resource available on the Web, both in terms of digital learning content and human resources (e.g. other learners, experts, tutors) that can be used to facilitate teaching and learning tasks. The remaining challenge is to match the need with what is out there – a potentially overwhelming variety of choices.

Social information retrieval (SIR) refers to a family of techniques that assist users in obtaining information to meet their needs by harnessing the knowledge or experience of other users. Examples of SIR techniques include sharing of queries, collaborative filtering, social network analysis, social navigation, social bookmarking and the use of subjective relevance judgements such as tags, annotations, ratings and evaluations.

If you’ve been busy with thinking of the above mentioned issues, check this workshop out! It’s the first ever workshop on Social Information Retrieval for Technology-Enhanced Learning, the complete call can be found from here:

As we can’t solve all the problems at one go, this workshop focuses on one part of the process, namely on the retrieval of useful resources, either learning resources or human resources. The tag line could be as P.Morville said “We use people to find content. We use content to find people.”

Take that a step further and think of using digital traces to find people, and also leaving digital traces so that you can be found by other people. In this workshop we are interested in both; recommenders and social navigation systems for retrieving resources to enhance learning and teaching.

Feel free to involve yourself, submit a contribution, blog about this, social bookmark the call (tag sirtel07) and talk about this to your pals! Save This Page in your!

Maybe see you in Crete in Spetember!

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