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Wikipedia Selection for schools

This is brilliant!

Have a look of the 2007 Schools Wikipedia Selection. It is about the size of a 15-volume encyclopaedia with 24 000 pictures.

The articles included to the Selection were all reviewed and reorganized. There are also plans to extend and update it periodically.

The Selection was made for 8-17 year old school children. It follows the UK National Curriculum. Because of this the selection is very anglo-centred. However, when you keep this in mind it is a great reading and a great extra resource for schools.

2007 Schools Wikipedia Selection was produced and released by the SOS Children UK and the Wikimedia Foundation.

SOS Children UK will deliver the Selection on DVD, but you can also use it online from the web at, download it from the SOS Children website, or as BitTorrent full download (3.5GB with full size images).

The Schools Wikipedia Selection can be run for instance on a school intranets. A pilot version of it has already been distributed to schools in South Africa by the Shuttleworth Foundation. I hope they are working on to get a similar kind of resource for schools in all 10 other official language of the country.

However, congratulations for the people in the Wikimedia Foundation and the SOS Children UK. This is a great idea!

Now I am asking, who in Finland could produce a similar kind of “Koulujen Wikipedia kokoelma”? Then we should do another one in Swedish and one in Sami language. They shouldn’t be “translations”, but unique pieces including topics and issues that are important for us.

For people who know Finnish language: some time ago Helsingin Sanomat made an article related to these topics. Also YLE Ykkönen channel made a radio program (and podcast). I am featuring in both of them.

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