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Workshop to brainstorm an or a Flikr for learning purposes

Tagging, social bookmarking, Digging, Twittering and the seemingly never-ending list of social network sites offer a great resource of inspiration to dream about for people who work with education and technologies. We offer a workshop where you can do just that!

SIRTEL’08 stands for Social Information Retrieval for Technology Enhanced Learning. This workshop will take place now for the second time (in ECTEL08 ), and we modified the call to accommodate more “serious fun”, instead of only focusing on academic papers of on-going work.

This year we especially invite System demos, Hands-on proposals and Pecha Kucha talks! Hands-on proposals, for example, can be just a 1-pager to describe how your idea of something like would work for learning purposes. Or what would be the Flickr of learning resources? Then, in the workshop, you will be able to lead a short brainstorming session on this. We hope that this kind of exercise will make us all think what can Social Information Retrieval offer for educational context, and how can it help learners to learn better.

Check out:

* the whole SIRTEL’08 call

* Here is a little background write-up for last year’s session.

* Papers and discussion out come from SIRTEL’07.


– Submission: June 29

– Results Notification: August 3

– Camera Ready Submission: August 31, 2008

– Workshop date: September 17, 2008

– Main conference dates: September 18-19, 2008


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