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Workshop on Social Information Retrieval for Technology Enhanced Learning: call for papers!

We organise the SIRTEL’09 workshop for the 3rd time this year! It’s about social media and learning resources in a large sense (e.g. educational resources, other learners, experts, tutors) and how they can facilitate teaching and learning tasks.

Paper Submission by June 14, 2009
The workshop takes place in the International Conference on Web-based Learning (ICWL) 2009
Aachen, Germany, August 21, 2009

Check out:

* the whole SIRTEL’09 call at:
* Background write-ups on Flosse from last years:
We use people to find content. We use content to find people and
Workshop to brainstorm an or a Flikr for learning purposes


Learning and teaching resource are available on the Web – both in terms of digital learning content and people resources (e.g. other learners, experts, tutors). They can be used to facilitate teaching and learning tasks. The remaining challenge is to develop, deploy and evaluate Social information retrieval (SIR) methods, techniques and systems that provide learners and teachers with guidance in potentially overwhelming variety of choices.

The aim of the SIRTEL’09 workshop is to look onward beyond recent achievements to discuss specific topics, emerging research issues, new trends and endeavors in SIR for TEL. The workshop will bring together researchers and practitioners to present, and more importantly, to discuss the current status of research in SIR and TEL and its implications for science and teaching.


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