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Report: State of FLOSS and Future Opportunities

Last month I finished the first draft of a report based on the work I did previously on the Comenius Contact Seminar project. I thought there was still some valuable issues to look for in the interviews we did so here is a paper looking at them once again. As an exercise for myself, I tried to write it in more academic style.

The report is titled "State of FLOSS and Future Opportunities". I broadened the focus outside the area of FLOSS in education and looked at the scenarios we did from a different angle, trying to come up with a synthesis that reflects a kind of a mega trend, identifying FLOSS and Open Content as part of a much larger trend going under our society.

It’s a work in progress. Here is a public draft for comments, enjoy.

Arina, T. 2005. State of FLOSS and Future Opportunities [PDF] (402k)

Thanks to Timo Tervo from the University of Helsinki, Palmenia continuity centre for helping me to conduct the interviews. Thanks to all interviewees, Alan Levine, Teemu Leinonen, Stephen Downes, Antti Kauppi, George Siemens and Knut Yrvin.

Peace, flowers and Open Source.

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