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Spread of CC: spread of Open Source?

Lawrence Lessig has a map of the spread of Creative Commons based on projects launched. If I compare the map of the map of Open Source adoption density in my head, it looks pretty similar. I wonder if it’s a trend that those countries which have been quick to adopt Open Source, also adopt the concept of Open Content more quickly and in a similar phace?

[:SIDENOTE:] While I’ve been away, Leinonen has done a great job in keeping the blog alive. I’m now making a comeback with some podcast interviews in the radar. If you have some suggestions of people I should interview about the relation of Open Source with Open Content, please drop me a line.

2 replies on “Spread of CC: spread of Open Source?”

I highly appreciate Lessig’s work and the CC-movement, but his comment, “the red is yet to be liberated” doesn’t sound right for me. A large part of the “red world” has never been forced to the Mickey Mouse copyright culture and law. If they have always been free how the CC will liberate them? By the way: You are welcome to the IP redesign workshop and the CC Finland event at the Media Centre Lume on Monday 13th of June. See details from:


I actually gave second shot for the thought.I saw a map of the density of the spread of the Internet and guess what: it looks exactly the same. In that sense, the concept of freedom of flow of information and ideals provided by FLOSS and Open Content might spread according to same principles as the Internet did.In western cultures, the Internet provided people great benefits. Castells has argued, that the new networked organization of resources and people required a system like the Internet. In other words, a system like the Internet had to be invented for the new economy to work, not the other way around. In a similar way, it's hard to imagine any drawbacks for individual citizens of the concept of FLOSS or Open Content in the western world. The red world in the other hand might never benefit as much as the highly industrialized western world did and still does.


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