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LeMill – for authoring and sharing learning resources

LeMill is the software we have been working on for some months in my research group. LeMill is a web community for authoring and sharing learning resources.

LeMill (Learning Mill) is the new name for the software I have wrote about in here with the name Toolbox. At first I wrote how LeMill (that time still Toolbox) will combine learning content, methods and tools to generate learning patterns. Then I wrote about the first prototype.

Now we have a second prototype online. It gives much better picture what is LeMill about than the earlier prototypes. We also have a wiki page where we are writing down what is LeMill. If you are familiar with concept maps you may find useful the followings maps explaining how LeMill works:

Technically LeMill is a Zope/Plone product. LeMill have blogs for communities,
RSS feeds from every possible place, permalinks, tags, “edit this” –links etc. We are using Learning Object Metadata (LOM) and IMS Learning Design from those parts that makes sense for people who will be using LeMill. However, the idea is to make LeMill very wiki like system where people are free to do things.

We are also hooking other open/free/libre content repositories to the LeMill. This means that you can use with LeMill open/free/libre materials found from such a services as flickr and ourmedia. From the pieces found online you can build inside LeMill learning materials.

2 replies on “LeMill – for authoring and sharing learning resources”

It looks very interesting! It will be great to see it up and running. I see it has a GNU GPL license. Will the beta version be available for download?


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