Bug report: Group Cognition

I was browsing Dr. Gerry Stahl’s new book, called Group Cognition – Computer Support for Building Collaborative Knowledge. Pretty bold title – isn’t it? From the title and the size of the book (521 pages) you could expect that there must be something about blogs and wikis and how these tools have been used in […]

LeMill 0.6 Released: Remixing learning materials

I am happy to report that version 0.6 of LeMill – a web community and engine for finding, authoring and sharing open/free/libre learning resources – has been released. LeMill is Open Source and Free Software. What is there for you? If you feel comfortable to install server software and host websites you may download LeMill […]

Is the 100$ laptop “pedagogically suspect”?

I must report this, because in two earlier posts I have criticized the One Laptop Per Child / 100$ school laptop project. It now looks that the Indian Ministry of Education has said a clear “thanks, but no thanks” for the 100$ laptop. The Indian National Newspaper The Hindu reports that the Education Secretary Sudeep […]