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Less is more

The “travelling e-learning circus” of New Zealand is on its way. Everybody, except me is shooting pictures and recording video and audio clips like crazy.

I am a kind of free rider in here – also when it comes to the producing media. I do not even have a camera with me, either audio recorder. I like it this way. I also know that there will be good stuff online anyway. Thank you all who are doing this.

But, still I am not interested in to watch 50 photos from a train trip – or even worst from some conference room. One quality picture to remind me about the event is enough. Well, I actually bought 10 post cards from the train and I am going to send them to my family and friends. I am sure they will appreciate them more than the 300 pictures about the event already online. My family and friends (also) have a life and do not have time to watch the pictures.

Audio and video are even more unpleasant. Listen 20 hours of podcasting takes 20 hours. How I am going to make a 5 minutes highlights audios of videos out of all the hours of audio and video recorded in here?

I understand that it makes sense to collect raw material, but as much time is spend to collecting should be used for the editorial work. We are now talking that from all the material we will produce a book with a CD-Rom / DVD. I think this is a great idea. I hope this is the “shared object” and compressed product that also other people may find useful.

Maybe I should start the editorial work already today and start to collect some “quality media”, where quality means that it is interesting, useful or in some other way remarkable. I guess the right place to put this stuff is the FLNW Media page of the conference wiki.

One reply on “Less is more”

Teemu: I totally agree. Western technophiles enamored by the affordances of the tools of networked society and rhetorically situated inside a 'global culture' where the upload is the primary vector of desire. The fantasy of the digital product consumed by the Other creates a sort of compulsive drive to upload, express, share, tag, intersect, etc. Speed and immediacy have become the drug because they imply the lessening of mediation, negotiation, and the possibility of control. Now, if all this raw data can be edited and organized with as much vigour as was invested in its capture then we might have something that someone could actually deal with. Otherwise it all just comes off as a 'one night stand' which is fun, but not that rewarding in the long term.


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