18.04.07 workshop on social software (hands-on) – Hämeenlinna

We (Teemu Arina and Teemu Leinonen) are running a beginner friendly practical hands-on workshop called “Uudet sosiaaliset ohjelmistot käytännössä” (new social software in practice) with three facilitators at Interactive Technology in Education -conference on 18th of April, 2007 in Hämeenlinna, Finland. The main language of the full day workshop is finnish (tervetuloa vaan kaikki mukaan :). Well if you happen to speak just english, we will make sure you will have a lot of fun, too.It’s aimed for anyone who wants to understand, try and start using all these new tools like blogs, wikis, social bookmarks, Flickr, Youtube etc. but has yet lacked a good opportunity or guidance to do so. It will be practical, which means you will be blogging before you know you do. The pre-conference workshop will culminate at the conference itself, where you will be fully armed to the teeth to turn yourself from a passive conference audience member to an active blogger, participant and contributor together with the rest of your colleagues. Don’t miss George Siemens and Barbara Dieu, who are also among the speakers.

Osallistu!The conference will feature a service called ITK 2.0, which has wikis, blogs, RSS feeds, Flickr images, chat, bookmarks and all of that to provide a social backchannel, a sort of shadow schedule for the conference participants to continue the conversation before, during and after the conference. Last year we had primitive implementation of this and the result was a great success. The organizers have provided us with a completely empty track to fill with unconferences. This means we will make the program together in a wiki, no dictators doing the decisions here. Thanks to conference director Jarmo Viteli for having the vision, too.So take your laptop and register to our workshop at the conference to see what’s all this fuzz about. The registration will end on 13.4, but you can also send me an email at teemu AT if you are interested to participate even after the registration deadline.

2 replies on “18.04.07 workshop on social software (hands-on) – Hämeenlinna”

Thanks Janet, it's fixed now.I'm afraid the back channel will be mainly in finnish, but some people will write in english (including me), especially on presentations by George Siemens etc. I also look forward to record his talk. You can follow the site for updates from participants once the conference starts really running on 19th.


Actually, I think everyone is welcome, even if you happen to speak just swedish, spanish, sign language, whatever. We will make sure you will have a lot of fun. 🙂 -Teemu Leinonen


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