Microcontent for microlearning

I was last week in the Microlearning conference in Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria. There were many clever and nice people talking about mobile web 2.0, micro content and micro-media, corporate competence development, classrooms without walls, and QR codes. I talked about learning, knowledge building and learning environments. I learned that microlearning is learning that is enhanced […]

Wikimedia Foundation’s Board election

I am fascinated about the Wikimedia community: the people behind the Wikipedias (in 249 languages), Wiktionaries, Wikibooks, Wikinews, Wikimedia Commons, Wikiversity and more…. All these projects are facilitated by the Wikimedia Foundation, where the Board of Trustees is in charge. This way the Wikimedia Foundation is like any other non-governmental organization (NGO). However, because it […]

Artefacts and knowledge interests in learning

Lately in several presentations I have (again) made the point, that we should see and think learning as a “knowledge creation”. I have also defined that: “Learning is a socio-cultural process with an intention to produce artefacts.” One selection of slides with audio is online in LeMill (see slide: 9). People have asked me what […]

Wikipedia Selection for schools

This is brilliant! Have a look of the 2007 Schools Wikipedia Selection. It is about the size of a 15-volume encyclopaedia with 24 000 pictures. The articles included to the Selection were all reviewed and reorganized. There are also plans to extend and update it periodically. The Selection was made for 8-17 year old school […]