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Dating service for learning: Ars Electronica and Budapest

I am going to Ars Electronica in Linz for a short weekend. I’ll be there sometime on Friday and leaving on Sunday to Budapest for Monday and Tuesday.

If you happen to be in Ars E in Linz and interested in to have face to face chat on educational technology, or on free and open source software and content in education, please drop me an e-mail or SMS. We may then agree to have a cup of coffee at the Hauptplatz.

If you are in Budapest let me know where we could meet in there. I am in meetings on Monday, but the night and Tuesday morning are open.

Writing this makes me wonder, why I can’t “narrowcast” my interest to meet other people in the Ars Elextronica only for those people who will be there? In the case of Budapest I should be able to post this announcement only for those people with a similar interest I have, but living in there (or visiting the city).

Where are the web 2.0 services doing this?

Are there mobile services doing this?

I want to have a dating service for learning.

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