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EMINENT conference blog

I am not able to do conference blogging. I am a slow thinker and a slow writer. However, I highly appreciate when people are documenting and making public notes from conferences in their blogs.

Flosse Posse Fellow, Riina is reporting the EMINENT – European Schoolnet annual networking conference almost in real time in the conference’s blog. The blog is here:

What is EMINENT? From the EMINENT site:

“This year’s EMINENT (Experts’ Meeting in Education Networking) takes place in Brussels, Belgium, on 6-7 December (from 8:30 Thursday to 17:00 Friday). It is the 7th EMINENT conference and this year the theme is ‘political priorities for education and the role of technology’, a topic at the heart of what European Schoolnet is about: the European network for and about schools.”

“EMINENT is unique opportunity to meet, make new contacts and discuss common Information and Communication Technology (ICT) initiatives that foster the development of education in Europe.”

So, if you are interested in to know what is going on in Europe in the filed of ICT in education in schools, take a look of Riina’s notes.

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