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LeMill is growing while MobilED is becoming small and beautiful

LeMill is something we are developing in my research group in Helsinki with our developer friends in Estonia, Hungary and Georgia. Don’t ask whether LeMill must have something to do with geopolitics. Not really – except that it was originally funded by the EU with several new member states (Estonia and Hungary). An interesting anecdote is anyhow, that in LeMill English is still the largest language followed by Russian.

The most active LeMill community is in Georgia. They are running their own LeMill in Georgia in Georgian language. In number of learning resources Georgian LeMill is actually larger than the “central” hosted by us. How this happened?

Some time ago our Estonian friends were presenting LeMill for Georgian educational authorities. They like it, and today the rumor is that LeMill is the national learning material repository of the country.

Today the “central” has 3161 teachers and other learning content creators. It carries 1466 reusable learning content resources, 299 descriptions of teaching and learning methods, and 480 descriptions of teaching and learning tools. Still we keep on saying for people that if your learning resource is not yet in LeMill, please join the community and let’s make it together!

If you are interested in to follow LeMill development you need the RSS of the LeMill blog. If you would like to have a the super cool LeMill t-shirt – heh – write us.

Same time when LeMill is growing we are aiming to create “modest” future for MobilED. MobilED is another project we are working with in my group. MobilED is an audio wiki platform we originally developed with friends in South Africa. The aim was to enhance access to learning materials in such a schools that are lacking materials. We did some experiments and learned a lot. Now we are looking whether the same platform could work as a community media – a platform for a village or neighborhood to share information in a “local newspaper way”. You may read more about this from the MobilED blog.

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