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I do not play golf

It was again Andrea who led me to think. This time the starting point was the reference she made to Amartya Sen’s capability thinking in economics.

Lately I have become more aware of my sometimes rather weird way of making connections between different ideas, having a train of thoughts. What is weird is that these chains clearly and completely make sense for me, and I often think this is the case with others, too. I seriously believe that people will get them without me explaining them anyhow.

Here is the latest course of thoughts:

Amartya Sen’s capability approach

Capacity building
(why not capability building?)

Wikiversity’ s Potential In Global Capacity Building
(and all the other open and free wiki-projects potential)

National broadcasting companies role as enablers

What all this mean for education and learning?

Is the real issue anyway the time horizon? 65 years?
165 years? 1650 years?

I do not play golf.

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