Fle4 and LeMill 6742

I am very happy to write this post – for my own records and for you.

I have a pleasure to report some new design research results from my research group. Designing experimental learning environments and tools for them, is anyway the topic I am excited about.

Fle4 is here.
Future Learning Environment is the project we started in 97-98 to develop new leaning methods and web-based tools that could “support learner and group centered work that concentrates on creating and developing expressions of knowledge (i.e. knowledge artefacts)”. The last software result from this project was the Fle3 (have a look of the Wikipedia entry), designed to support “study groups to implement knowledge building, creative problem solving and scientific method in an inquiry learning process, for example the progressive inquiry method.

Now we have Fle4 – that is actually a WordPress plugin. It’s not “Future Learning Environment” but a knowledge building tool for blogs.

LeMill community is soon over 7000 teachers.
LeMill is our experimental web community for finding, authoring and sharing open educational resources. We haven’t made a lot of noise about it, but it has been growing smoothly – especially in the Eastern Europe. Today, with Wikimedia projects, LeMill is the only multilingual and multicultural online community for collaborative creation and sharing of open educational resources in the world. Today Lemill is a web community of close to 7000 teachers and other learning content creators. At the moment it has more than 5000 reusable learning content resources, almost 2000 descriptions of teaching and learning methods, and 690 descriptions of teaching and learning tools in more than 3o languages. If your learning resource is not yet in LeMill, please join the community and let’s make it together.

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