EduFeedr – to handle your open online courses (or to build your PLE, if you prefer that term)

Hans Poldoja have initiated really interesting and important project, called EduFeedr. Hans aim is to solve the problems of using standard RSS readers in Open Education, more precisely in open online courses. He’s problem statement is:

Standard RSS readers lack the features for following and supporting learning activities which cross the borders of different Web 2.0 applications.

I have been “teaching”/ “mentoring” / “coordinating” (also with Hans) several open online courses. The idea of an open online course is to provide online learning experiences to anyone interested in to join the course. In open courses people often use pretty standard Web 2.0 tools (wikis, blogs, micro-blogging) to “deliver” content, to present reflections on the content (e.g. learning diaries), to share their learning exercises and to discuss about the course related issues.

If the group of participants is more than 20 it easily becomes very difficult for the participants to follow the process.

Can we help that with a better tool? I think we can. Please have a look of Hans presentation “Current state of EduFeedr project” on Slideshare. If you like it, please contact Hans and contribute. EduFeedr is (will be, when ready) Open Source.


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