ITE 2010 (ITK 2010) conference

Interactive Technology in Education (ITE) –conference is the largest conference in Finland related to information and communication technology in educational use. In Finland the conference is known as ITK.

The ITK conference takes place on 21st – 23rd of April 2010 at Hotel Aulanko, Hämeenlinna, Finland.

Actually calling ITK a conference is a bit misleading. It is a conference, but same time so much more. For three days ITK gathers together in a single conference venue close to 1 500 professionals working in the field of educational research, technology and publishing. The program inclused workshops, meetings of researchers, fair kind of exhibition of educational service providers and gadgets, unconference activities and naturally the main conference program with plenary sessions and 6 to 8 tracks of presentations.

The full conference program is now out.

People from my research group will have give several talks and host several sessions in ITK. Here is the list of events and talks we are involved in:

April 21st: Full day workshop

Workshop on social media in teacher’s daily work

April 22nd : keynote and sometu track talks

Teemu Leinonen: Networks and Learning in Future (in the Opening)

Tarmo Toikkanen and Jukka Purma: Teachers’ open idea repository, LeMill (in the Sometu track)

Tarmo Toikkanen and Anne Rongas: Teaching and studying in the fully open Finnish Wikiversity (in the Sometu track)

April 23rd: Content repositories

Jukka Purka and Tarmo Toikkanen: 15 years of content repositories for teachers: what went wrong?

April 22nd and 23rd: In the Open Content Bazar

On Thursday and Friday we also have a booth in the “Open Content Bazaar” where we are continuously running demonstrations about LeMill and Wikiversity.

ITK is from most parts in Finnish – all our talks are in Finnish. If you are still interested in to get to know the Finnish “scene” there are some nice presentation in English, too.

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