Information Architecture and Design Solutions Scaffolding Authoring of Open Educational Resources

LeMill – Web community for finding, authoring and sharing open educational resources – will next week reach 15 000 community members. The growth rate is now about 100 new members every week, thanks to some new online publicity and our new and improved user interface. The number of monthly visitors is about 100 000 per month.

Some months ago we published an article about the design of Open Educational Resource services. The article is online and available full text in many University Libraries (unfortunately not open access).

The main point of the paper is that — as Erik Duval has pointed out several times — design is difficult, but with a proper design process, working with all stakeholders, prototypes, thinking, freedom to think and do things differently, courage to do decisions and ability fail fast you may get it right or at least close to right.

In the paper we do not discuss about the hidden curriculum embedded to LeMill. The idea is that when teachers will see the benefits of collaborative authoring of open resources it will have an effect on their daily practice. Experiences are powerful teachers.

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