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Mobile learning prototype: create, annotate and share

With my research group we have released a new prototype that aims to help people to learn from each other — as part of their work, in situ, in same time and space where work takes place. The specific target group is construction industry, the people working in the construction fields. The tool is called Ach So!.

I think the Ach So! prototype’s greatest advantage is its simple design. However, it is important to point out that still the design is rooted on pretty solid pedagogical thinking and research on workplace learning. Ach So! is an Android App in an Aplha state (but functional) and available in the Google Play app store.

Last Friday I gave a talk about it in the 10th International Conference on Mobile Learning 2014. The talk explained a bit more the context and some theoretical considerations. The slides are here:

The research paper will be online at some point. Here are the publication details:

Bauters, M.; Purma, J.; Leinonen, T. (2014). In-time on-place learning. Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Mobile Learning 2014, 28 February – 2 March, Madrid, Spain

One reply on “Mobile learning prototype: create, annotate and share”

I quite enjoy the research group bringing their work into the world where it’s accessible commonly… beyond the usual conference journal format.
thanks! good example of making academic research accessible.


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