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How to do a learning (r)evolution: perspective from Finland

“Education is a source of pride in Finnish society. However, the transformation of working life, digitisation, growing inequality, multiculturalism, and globalisation pose challenges for the future of the education sector. How might education and training respond to changing skill needs in the working life of the future? How can we foster educational equality and equal opportunities for all in education and training, in an increasingly polarised society? How can education be reformed in a student-oriented manner, while taking advantage of technology and setting our sights on the future? Instead of the traditional division into subjects, should the education system be based on a phenomenon-oriented approach?”

These are the opening words of the report composed by the SITRA’s New Education Forum. In the report, however, education and learning is not seen as something that is adapting to the changes around us. Learning can be an active force driving the change:

“We insist that education must not settle for adapting to change, but also act as a driver. To raise brave, compassionate citizens capable of independent thought and bearing the responsibility for themselves and for others; curious people, capable of finding things out for themselves and assessing the reliability of whatever information they come across. People with a tolerance of uncertainty, the courage to implement their ideas in practice and even break a few rules, if necessary.”

To do this we must see every individual as a human with a huge potential in them. We must let teachers to renew their working practices — let them to work together, to get the best practices to move in the community of educators. We should get rid of many traditions in a culture of schools: reconsider grades and evaluation, think how we can focus on competences instead of degrees. We can build a system with little red tape and a high impact. And we can design and use technology to serve people trying to do the right things.

You may read the report in here:

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