How to do a learning (r)evolution: perspective from Finland

“Education is a source of pride in Finnish society. However, the transformation of working life, digitisation, growing inequality, multiculturalism, and globalisation pose challenges for the future of the education sector. How might education and training respond to changing skill needs in the working life of the future? How can we foster educational equality and equal […]

Future of FLOSSE: Interview with Knut Yrvin

"If you buy a bottle of water you shouldn’t have a law that prevents you to pour the water into a glass. You have to protect people from the technology. With DRM and patents, suddenly you are protecting the technology against people. If you have a car you need devices like airbags or safety belts […]

Future of FLOSSE: Interview with George Siemens

"We often have a myopic view when we talk about technology. We always seem to think about how does technology influence learning. Sometimes these roles actually have to be reversed. We have to think about how learning influeces technology because there are greater changes occuring in our society and not just within technology" Listen (MP3) […]

Future of FLOSSE: Interview with Antti Kauppi

"Decreasing the Digital Divide is the Question to be solved. How to integrate the ICT and internet services to be accessed for everybody, how the communities and citizens can participate in decision making using internet, by all meaning how to get the technology and its services closer to the citizens. The remarkable progress can may […]

Future of FLOSSE: Interview with Teemu Leinonen

"We are theory-based design-oriented group. Open Source software is just like study reports – we are releasing the software for commenting, referencing, peer review and so on. We just continue the academic tradition" Listen (MP3) – 28min – 12,6Mb This time we offer an interview with Teemu Leinonen, who is also one of our bloggers. […]

Future of FLOSSE: Interview with Alan Levine

"The sweet spot of technology is not in the way it does things more efficiently but where it gives you opportunities that weren’t there before" Listen (MP3) – 40min – 18,9Mb I had the pleasure to interview Alan Levine through Skype for our interview series of future of FLOSS in education. I have created a […]