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What a title. Needs an explanation:

OER= Open Educational Resource. This is the term used by the North American universities when they mean the course content in their open course websites. Concept analysis: Openness is good. Education is important but not a necessity. Resources are important.

LER = Libre Education Resource. This is the term I was using in some earlier post when writing about Libre Universities. Concept analysis: Libre is more than openness, education is still important but still not a necessity and resources are important.

LLR = Libre Learning Resource. This is the term we have been chatting about with Kim Tucker. Concept analysis: Libre is more than openness. Learning is necessity. Resources are important.

TM = Trademark.

Maybe we should trademark OER, LER and/or LLR just like Open Source Initiative (OSI) has trademarked the “Open Source”. Then we should write a definition (see an example of the Open Source definition) and start to give OER, LER and/or LLR certificates (see and example of the OSI Certification Mark and Program).

Actually UNESCO should do this.

PS. Remember to sign the Don’t allow software patents to threaten technology enhanced learning in Europe! -petition. Thanks!

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