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MobilED video mock-ups and some open source stuff

I have been reporting to the Flosse Posse about the MobilED initiative I am working on right now in South Africa for couple of weeks. It’s been a busy week. We got the first service up and running and are starting testing with it in a school next Wednesday.

The prototype MobilED service is a interactive voice response application (IVR) that works with a content on a MediaWiki server. In the IVR side we are using DialogPalette and Asterisk – the open source PBX.

With the MobilED server you can make queries to the MediaWiki server by sending your search term with SMS. After a while you well receive a call back and a speech synthesizer will read you the content found from the server. There is navigation with table of content and you can jump from a section to another. You may also contribute to the server with your own voice.

This week I also finally got all our scenario videos online. Three of them are about the Audio Encyclopaedia, the idea of using Wikipedia with the MobilED server. The fourth one is about using smart phones in project learning. I personally like this the best. Have a look of the Smart phones in project learning -video (MP4 6.4M)

If you are interested in to be the distributor or service provider of this kind of servic in your country / region please contact me.

PS. Remember to sign the Don’t allow software patents to threaten technology enhanced learning in Europe! -petition.

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