ITK’06 conference blog reportage

Interactive Technology in Education (ITK)
–conference is the largest conference in Finland about information- and
communication technology in educational use.

This year the theme is Carpe Diem – create the future.
There are some interesting presentations including several blogging
related presentations this year. I’m also sitting with representatives
from the finnish media in the Web 2.0 keynote panel on thursday evening.

Last year I blogged about Graham Attwell. There I talked to several people how nice it would be if such contributions in the social web were visible to other conference participants. This is all about turning the static conference site into a live and dynamic one. I decided to do something about it this year and the conference manager Jarmo Viteli was very open to my ideas.

will be blogging there and a few of my friends will join me. It’s the
first conference in Finland which acknowledges the presence of
participants from the social web. For this reason I incorporated a feed aggregator
as part of the conference website. Participants have the ability to
register their own blog in the service to make their own writings about
the conference visible on the conference site. Flickr and services can be used with the tag itk06 to display images and weblinks to other participants.

look forward to incorporate similar features to other conferences as
well. If you are planning to run a conference and would like to make it
more interesting to participants by utilizing the possibilities of the
social web, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

If anything Open Source related will catch my eye, then I will write about it here at FLOSSE Posse. Otherwise I will post to my personal blog.

We’ll see you at ITK’06, on 5th – 7th of April 2006 at Hotel Aulanko, Hämeenlinna, Finland!

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