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I need help: any Ajax programmers around?

I have this one small open source project that has been “frozen” already for two years. To finalize it I would need some help from an Ajax/javaScrip/XML/PHP programmer. If you know these technologies (or are interested in to study them) please contact me.

The project is called “Bisociation Tool”. It’s a simple web based tool for idea generation. It is based on Victor Papanek’s idea described in his book Design for the Real World: Human Ecology and Social Change (1971, 1984).

I have a semi-functional prototype with some documentation online. If you read the whole page and check the page source you will understand how it should work and what is still missing.

The final result – what you get out by pressing “summary file” or “send” (to email address) – is not specified in the page. The result should be a printable PDF with the description of the idea printed in it with a grey font, so that you can start to design the product on top of it with a pen. Before generating the summary file there could be a drop down menu where you could choose to work further only with ideas that can be implemented “now”, in “2-5 years” etc.

Please, contact me (teemu.leinonen at if you can and are interested in this small project.

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